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Ultrasound Probe Repairs

Probes are no longer disposable, they are now repairable and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Our “Quality Assured” probe laboratory, specialises in advanced repairs and refurbishment of most brands of ultrasound transducers, including:

TEE/TOE used in Cardiology, Echo labs and Theatres and 3D probes of all types

Before After           Before After
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Of the various repairs available, some of the more common are:

  • Lens replacement
  • Strain Relief replacement
  • Cable repair
  • Case Repair
  • Connector Repair
  • Bending Rubber replacement
  • Articulation Wire replacement
  • Insertion Tube repairs
  • Insertion Tube Recoat/Relabel.

All repaired transducers undergo comprehensive post repair testing and a detailed report is supplied with the repaired transducer.

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