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Archive for April 2016

Results from probe testing

When ProbeLogic test probes in the field, we usually find approximately 40% of probes in use are non diagnostic. Faults include cable breaks, short circuits, weak elements and dead elements but the most common fault is delamination of the acoustic lens.

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The effect of a tiny cut at the edge of a lens

Today we had an interesting repair in the lab. The probe is an M4S with a tiny cut in the edge of the acoustic lens which looks like this:   After removing the lens, the corrosion can be clearly seen: After the ProbeLogic lens replacement process the probe is ‘as new’ again:

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Why do 3D probes suddenly start to leak oil everywhere?

Why do 3D probes suddenly start to leak oil everywhere? The fill bladders perish chemically with time. Eventually the perished bladder breaks like this: Probe Logic manufacture their own fill bladders in house which are far more chemically resistant. Once it is repaired. It should stay nice and clean and free from deterioration so that […]

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