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From Strength To Strength [Infographics]

The Story of Probelogic’s Success  It’s incredible to think that 14 years ago, which has gone by in the blink of an eye, Probelogic was created. It was created out of a need to give people an affordable alternative for when their Ultrasound transducer failed. On that time the only option was to purchase a […]

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Air under the lens of a TEE/TOE probe

This video shows the air under the lens of a particularly grubby Philips S7-2t transesophageal echocardiogram (TOE/TEE) probe as it rotates. The air results in poor image quality. If you have one of these, check it for air and let us know if you have any problems at www.probelogic.com.au

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Before and after recoating and relabeling of a TEE insertion tube

We recieved a GE 6VT 3d TOE/TEE probe in for repair and it had severe insertion tube damage as can be seen below. After the ProbeLogic Recoat/Relabel process the probe is back to new condition Check your probes and let us know if we can assist you in bringing your probe back to new condition […]

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Frightening! – TEE probe with fine wire protruding

Today’s post is a frightening one. We received a TEE/TOE probe in for repair. Protruding from the side of the bending rubber section was a very fine piece of stainless steel wire which had broken away from the articulation wires. The thought of this being inserted into somebody’s esophagus with this protruding from the side […]

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Probe case seperating? Check out whats inside!

We currently have a probe in the lab for poor imaging. On initial inspection all seemed fairly normal but with a slight separation of the seams of the probe. After removing the covers look at the amount of ultrasound gel and other fluid that has been forced inside the probe. This amount of fluid inside […]

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