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Philips L9-3 with Strange intererence

This is a really unusual one. A philips L9-3 with really unusual interference.


That interference raining down on the left side and the stringy artifact on the right side are not real, there is nothing against the face of the probe. The acoustic test yields these results:



You can view a video of this strange interference at: https://youtu.be/PwoNlHieBgE



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    Bill Phillips

    Looks like a number of shorted channels and a few open wires in the connector.

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      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the comment. You are definitely correct about the shorted channels and open wires in the connector. These are causing dropout across the array face.

      The strange artifact in the right section of the image was the one that interested me though. At the bottom of the article is a link to the youtube video if you wanted to take a look. I think what is happening is the acoustic stack bonding is failing (its probably been bounced off the floor a few times) If I had to take a guess i would say the acoustic stack bonding was failing which would be why the 20dB pulse width graph looks so crazy.. But I have never seen it cause such an interesting artifact at depth with nothing against the probe. Its tempting to swap the array, cable and connector one at a time to locate the source of the fault.

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